Sher-Le-Mon is located at 2701 Mendon Rd in Cumberland RI. It is on Rte. 122 across from Cumberland High School and is a private family swim and tennis facility open to all. The club offers relaxation in the summer months for all ages.

Founded in 1962, Sher-Le-Mon Swim Club was initiated to promote neighborliness, fraternity and healthy recreation in Northern Rhode Island. Not only has it contributed to the physical fitness of youth but has added immeasurably to the social well being of the community. With a summer program designed for family recreation and relaxation in a wonderful and safe environment, it has provided a wholesome summer family atmosphere to relax, sun, swim,play tennis, volleyball and basketball all season long. There is something for everyone in your family.

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Pool Season: Open 7 days a week (weather permitting) beginning when school closes for summer vacation through Labor Day

Contact information:

Phone: (401) 658-0886 • Email: sherlemonclub@gmail.com